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FAQ – Montréal

Frequently asked questions

Usual questions and answers

How long can an answer take?
After completing a form or making your choices, you will be contacted within 24 business hours of receiving your request by our team.
Why are you confident that you have the best price?

We are constantly striving to obtain the best price from our manufacturers. Several factors can affect the price, including the choice of colors for the quartz countertop, the location of the customer as well as the installation time. We will look for the optimal combination for your project.
In any case, we make sure that the selected manufacturer will offer a quality installation and after-sales service.

Who will take care of the installation?
The installation is included in our prices and our carefully chosen manufacturers will take care of it. We seek to have the minimum possible intermediary in your project in order to offer maximum security to our customers.
Do you take measurements free of charge?
A successful quartz countertop installation begins with the measurement. This is included in all our projects. After an agreement on a date, we come to take the measurer of your quartz or granite countertop. If the measurement is not accurate, the counter may not be able to be installed on the scheduled date.
How do I get a quote?
2 easy ways are available.

1 - Quick request : You just have to fill out the form with as much information as possible. Preferably, you send us a plan of your kitchen. A representative will contact you within 24 working hours to ensure your needs and answer your questions for your satisfaction.

2 - The complete application : Go to our sample page and make a maximum of 3 color choices for your future counter. Complete as much information as possible (date of the project, colors chosen, budget) so that we can properly assess your needs and thus we will be able to advise you so you can save money.
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